Post Production Image Editing



Editing or processing done on image files after shooting them using a camera and downloading them is Post production image editing.  The files are editied in order to improve quality in terms of presentation and also to remove unwanted data.

Photographers, photo studios, advertising agencies, e-commerce divisions and art directors  need images that show the produts with the right lighting, colour, saturation and shadow.

The product photographs that are shot and downloaded from the camera are not perfect pictures that can go on a website.  These need to be handed over to a post production image editng team who can make the following edits on them before they can go live.

* Background removal or changing background of the photo
* Retouching the image to remove dust and scratches
* Adding shadows
* Adjusting white balance
* Adjusting colours, saturation and light levels
* Adjusting contrast and brightness
* Straightening / rotating the objects
* Maintaining shape and symmetry
* Removing wrinkles and folds
* Removing unwanted data
* cropping and resizing to different size

In addition to the above

* Changing colour of the product or a part of it
* Inserting logos
* Inserting watermarks
* Adding reflexions

Fashion & Accessories images with models would require the following additional editing

* Cleaning up of images to remove dust & scratches
* Red eye correction and whitening of teeth
* Removing pimples, moles and other blemishes from the body
* Masking hair
* Slimming body parts

Experienced image editing professionals at IndiaEye Graphics edit the images as per requirement keeping them homogeneous, ensuring quality and within the stipulated time frame.